IMO for Jio Phone Download Guide & Alternative Apps:

IMO for Jio Phone Download Guide & Alternative Apps:

IMO on Jio Phone Download: Hi friend, most of my blog viewers asked this questions (how to use imo in jio phone). So, for those people I provide this guide. I know you feel tired after searching about imo for jio phone because no one provides the proper method to use imo in jio phone.  Now a day’s messaging and video calling app is very important. In india most of the people bought the new jio phone 1500. Jio phone has many features in it they provide attractive offers so the usage of jio phone increased in the recent days.
IMO for Jio Phone
IMO for Jio Phone
You know jio phone is running on kai-os which is different from android OS and others mobile operating systems.  Because of this Kai os imo for jio phone and other android apps for jio phone is not available to use in jio phones. Jio app store not providing whatapp and other social media android apps the developers team are still working on that. So the best alternative for IMO for jio phone is whatsapp for jio phone. 

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IMO for Jio Phone Download:

After a deep search and tried lot of experiments to use imo on jio phone but none of the methods are working. So we share the best alternative way to imo for jio phone. There is lots of other messaging and video calling apps are available in the app store. 
IMO for Jio Phone Alternatives:
  • Whatspp for jio phone.
  • Face Book for jio phone.
  • Jio Chat for jio phone. 
  • Allo for jio phone.

IMO for JIo phone Alternative apps Install:

How to use whatsapp on jio phone?

  • First open the default web browser on your jio phone. And open google search engine to search a simple query. Which is “browser ling” type this in the browser and open the first result Or use the link below Browser Ling.
  • Open the website to use whatsapp on jio phone.
Whatapp for jio phone
Whatapp for jio phone
  • Now Type the url : in the url box and select the options which are shown in the image below.
  • Select windows 7 or 8 and select chrome browser and click the “test now” button. 
  • After that the QR code will shown to your just open your whatsapp account in the smart phone and scan the code using the camera.(whatsapp home-->right top three dots-->select whatsapp web).
Whatsapp for jio
Whatsapp for jio 
  • After scan complete you can see the whatsapp on jio phone. It Is simple right just they this method and share your experience with us.

How to use Face Book for Jio Phone?

The best and alternative way of imo for jio phone is fb on jio phone. This is also simple to do just follow the above steps and get while typing you need to type that’s it.
Then click on the test now option and it will get you to the facebook login page. just login and use it easily.

How to use Allo on jio phone?

Here allo is one of the newest app in the app market this will be the best alternative for imo on jio phone.
Follow the same steps and instead of typing just type then the same procedure scan the QR code and use allo on jio phone easily.

So, these are all the best alternative apps and similar apps like imo for jio phone. If the jio app store released the IMO on jio phone version then I will update you so follow this blog. If you have any queries just leave it on the comment box we will provide you the reply as soon as possible.

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