IMO Vs Whatsapp :Which is the Best Video Call App? Comparison 2018

IMO Vs Whatsapp :Which is the Best Video Call App? Comparison 2018

IMO Vs Whatsapp video caling: Hi friends, here in this post I shared about the comparison details of world top video calling apps which are imo vs whatsapp. I compared the features of both apps and give you the best video calling app for your device. Now a day’s everyone is using smart phone and they are expecting a best app to provide a quality audio and video call feature. There are a lot of audio and video calls apps available in the app stores but we need to select the best one by comparing the features. So here I will tell you the best key features of these two apps from than you can select the best one for your device.
IMO vs Whatsapp
IMO vs Whatsapp 
The most downloaded and trending apps for video calling is Whatsapp, IMO, Google duo, and so on. Most of the time people are getting confused so from these apps we are going to compare only imo vs whatsapp

IMO Vs Whatsapp – Features Comparison 2018:

Whatsapp messenger is the best app which is available in all platform devices. Even though IMO video calling app used by most of the net users will see that makes it better than whatsapp. Whatsapp initially don’t have Video call feature that time most of the users used IMO app. Then whatsapp recently released video and audio call features but still imo users using imo instead of whatsapp. 
IMO Vs Whatapp is really worthy to discuss because both apps having its own features and both are in top trending apps list. 

IMO Feature and Review:

Imo is available for all devices and In all devices it will support all features like chat, audio and video etc. It is available for the below platform devices.
  • IMO video calling app provides the quality in video calls even in a low quality net connection it will work fine with 2G, 3G, and 4G and even in public wifi.
  • IMO provide end to end encryption protection so your personal calls will be more protected. The best feature of imo is it is very user friendly app. Light weight app so any new user can understand to operate the app.
  • Most for the time PC users need the best video calling app to communicate with friends and family or clients for those people IMO is the best solution it provides the direct windows/mac pc version software.
  • So if you want to use video call feature in pc/laptop it is better to go with imo for pc. Because whatsapp is not support video call features in windows pc. 

Whatsapp Features and Review:

  • Whatsapp is really worthy app to use if you want a best video call and audio call app for your hands on device like android, windows phone or iphone then you can go with whatsapp. Because whatsapp provides the best feature compare to other messenger and video calling apps. 
  • The main drawback in whastapp is whatsapp web is not supporting audio and video call feature, but imo and skype or providing the best video calling option for pc versions
  • Whatsapp provide end to end encryption and provide more security options. For chatting messenger app whatsapp is always ultimate.
  • If you don’t want these apps then go with skype the best video call software for windows and mac pc.

Conclusion of imo vs whatsapp:

IMO Vs Whatsapp: Both messenger apps are good to use but based on your requirement you can select one particular app like if you want to make video call on PC/laptop go with Imo for pc windows/mac. If you want to use video call app on mobile phone then download whatsapp. Thanks you for your visit. If you have any doubts related to Imo just leave a comment below.

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