How to Make Group Video Call on Whatsapp -2021

How to Make Group Video Call on Whatsapp -2021

whatsapp group video call: Hello, friends welcome to our tech blog. Most of our blog users asking this question it is how to make a group video call on WhatsApp? So here in this post, I will let you know to how to make group video chat on WhatsApp app. Stay tuned and follow the steps without a skip. Then you will get group video call feature on your WhatsApp.Whatsapp group calling feature is launched recently on both voice and video support. Now you can also make a group chat, video and voice calls. This feature is available for all WhatsApp users in both android and ios devices.

How to Make Group Video Call on Whatsapp
How to Make Group Video Call on Whatsapp

We know that WhatsApp is the most used chat or messenger application around the world. The recent report about WhatsApp is the WhatsApp users are spending over 2 million minutes on the calls per day.
Group video calling feature is the most expected feature in WhatsApp application.Ok, let's see the highlights of WhatsApp group calling.

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Highlights of WhatsApp Group Calling:

There are many other video calling applications are available on the internet. The WhatsApp made huge downloads on the Play Store because of its unique features and the high quality in performance.

  • WhatsApp group calling is available both Android and IOS devices. You can make calls to your friend without platform dependent.
  • WhatsApp group calling feature both video and voice calling.
  • WhatsApp video calling supports up to 4 people at a time in a single screen. This feature will add more fun to normal video calls.

These are all the highlights of WhatsApp group calling. Let's see how to start WhatsApp group calls in step by step.

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How to Make WhatsApp Group Calls:

Making WhatsApp group video or voice call is very simple. Just follow The below steps and see the images for the reference.

  • First, of all open your WhatsApp application and select the person whom you want to contact for a group call. Now click on the video call icon this will initiate the video call to that person.
  • When the first person attends the video call. You can see a group call symbol in the top right corner on the screen.
Making WhatsApp group video
Making WhatsApp group video
  • Click that option and now it will show the contact list now choose the second person whom you want to add in the group call.
  • Now including you, 3 participants are in the group call. you can also add one more person in the group call. To make that do the same step click on the top right corner option and add the fourth person for the group call.

Now it's time to chat and having fun with your friends at the same time.

This is a simple steps can do by anyone. If you like WhatsApp video calling feature to leave your feedback in the below command box.

Comparison of group calls in other apps.

  • In Skype, it supports upto 25 people
  • In Apple FaceTime, it will also support up to 32 participants the latest iOS 12.
  • Snapchat support 16 people.
  • Hangout also supports more than 4 users at a time.

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