Is Google Duo Safe - Google Duo App Review 2021

Is Google Duo Safe - Google Duo App Review 2021

Hello, friends welcome to our take blog. Most of our blog readers asking this question about the Google duo video calling app. Is Google duo safe to use? So here in this post, I will let you know about google duo video calling app and is it safe to use for making video and voice calls?. If you are also having this doubt about Google duo then read the complete post and choose if you want to use it or not.

Is Google Duo Safe
Is Google Duo Safe 

I am providing this Google duo app review based on the user's review and my personal experience on Google duo application. So you can trust my review about google duo app.

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About Google Duo App:

Do you know one thing? google duo is the most high-quality video calling application. It is very simple and more reliable calling application for smartphones and Tablets.

Google duo application is only for making calls you can't do chatting and sharing files between friends using Google duo. So if you want to do chatting like messenger then you can use Allo messenger which is also developed by Google.

There are many other alternatives or competitive video calling applications are available on the internet like WhatsApp, IMO, facebook and Skype etc.

Google duo app is available for all platform devices. we have Listed the Google duo supported devices below.

  • Google duo for Windows PC.
  • Duo for Mac OS.
  • Duo for Blackberry.
  • Google duo for windows phone.
  • Google duo for Tizen os.
  • duo for iPhone/iOS.

So this application is platform and device independent. Whatever device you have you can use Google duo easily and connect with your friends and family.

Is Google duo safe?

  • First of all google duo app is a Google product. So you don't need to check the trustworthy of the application because it is developed by Google. It is completely safe to use.
  • To know more about Google duo and its privacy continue reading. The calls you are making on Google duo are completely private and very secure. So not even the google can view your private. It is because google Duo app has an end to end encryption.
  • This type of end to end encryption the most secure feature of the Google duo. In technically we can say this type of protection can't even crack by the government itself.
  • If you are asking is Google duo safe for making calls and private chat? Then the answer is yes completely safe for your private calls and chats.

I hope that now you have the clear idea of google duo safety and secure for your privacy. Try all the features of Google Duo and let us know your feedback in the below command box.

Google Duo App Review and User Suggestions.

Google duo is really working fine with poor internet connection also. In my personal experience, I have amazed while using Google duo because of its quality in calls, especially in video calls.

our suggestion for Google duo app is, please add a feature to know if the person is busy on another call or not. The person on another call we should receive a busy tone but in Google duo, we can't know that the person is in online or not.

So this is my app review about Google duo and it is completely safe to use on your device. To know more technical related updates and news like this chess hours on Facebook. Thank you for your visit.

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