IMO Video Calling App Review – Is It Safe to Use IMO App

IMO Video Calling App Review – Is It Safe to Use IMO App

IMO App Review: Hi friends welcome to our imo guide blog. Lot of my readers asked this question to me that is "is it safe to use imo for video call?" Here in this post I will let you know about IMO app and its review stay tuned. Imo is a instant messenger and a video calling application which is developed in android platform devices initially. Imo is developed by imo.im and now it is available in all platform devices after the application made huge downloads in google play store they have release this app in all other platform devices. 

IMO app is similar to other communication applications like whatsapp, google duo, Skype and Viber etc. This app got good reviews in all app stores because of its quality in video calls, voice calls and easy to use user interface. Okay lets get into imo app review based on our experience and users review.

IMO Supported Platform Devices:

IMO App Review
IMO App Review

IMO App Review – IMO Messenger app Review:

Here we provide review of imo app in various factors like UI, security and quality etc.

Imo App Settings Review:

IMO app is very light weight application it will contain only few MB of memory so it is very suitable for lower end smart phones with low memory storage. This app is free of cost so android users can download and install it from google play store and iPhone users also can get it from iTunes app store. We can also use imo app on PC/Laptop

After you install it will ask you to enter a phone number like whatsapp and you need to verify it by OTP which will send to that number. Imo app will automatically load your contacts list and show the imo users from your list. These are the basic settings of imo app review. 

IMO App User Interface Review:

Because of the light wight imo app the user interface of the app also very light and looks like basic. The menus and options are quite low so you will feel limited in this application. In the minimum of touches you can use the features of imo app easily. It also provide options to send stickers to your friends and loved one. However the imo app provides a easy and convenient environment to use the features.

IMO App Features Review:

  • Imo messenger app provides unlimited text messenging option in you have a internet connection. 
  • The best thing in imo video call app review is it provides free unlimited video call option before whatsapp introduce video call feature imo released it’s free video call option.
  • Imo apk also allows you to share audio, video, photos and stickers to share your emotions easily.
  • It offers group chat feature so you will enjoy chat with a group of friends at a time.
  • In google playstore they mentioned about the end to end encryption feature for secure video calling.

So these are all the basic features of imo app and these features are working fine no negative reviews about these features.

IMO App security Review:

Most of my readers always ask me about the security of the IMO app in video calls. Because there are lot of private calls we made these days so this is very important to know. Here I will tell you about that in google and iTunes app stores they mentions that end to end encryption are there so your calls are secure. 

In the official website I searched in the privacy policy of the app and there is noting mentioned like end to end encryption. But still there is no complaint about the app related to security issues so lot of people using this app without any hesitation.

These are all about imo app review on 2018 if you have any questions about the app please let us know we will come up with a best solution for you. Thanks for your visit.

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